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Demystifying the out-of-body Experience

For the Media

Press release

This book is being published by Llewellyn Publications. Download a press release (Adobe pdf format) with information about the book.

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Feel free to access Llewellyn's page here (you can also order the book directly from them!).

Booking the Author

If you are interested in booking Luis Minero for a conference or lecture, please write with your request to Please include your contact information, as well as information about the event. Every effort will be made to reply within 48 hours.

Note: Luis Minero is a volunteer of IAC, and like every other instructor at IAC, he does not charge an appearance fee and he does not receive a salary from IAC. Thus, all the time invested by any IAC individual is on a volunteer basis.

Luis Minero

Luis Minero graduated with honors in chemistry from Florida International University. He has taught courses on OBEs, paranormal phenomena, and spiritual growth all over Europe and the Americas since 1996, and at Miami-Dade College from 1997 to 2002. Beginning in 1999, Luis has served the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in directorial positions in the Florida (1999 to 2002) and California (2003 to present) centers. Currently, he is also the Education Director of IAC Global.

For the full Bio of Luis Minero, click here.