You can send us an email with your questions or comments here! Keep in mind that because of the large number of emails that are received, the answer to them will be prioritized. Thus, some emails may be answered in 1-2 days, others may take more time to be answered. Please help us by classifying your emails according to your request/comment/feedback using the sections below:

OBE Training

For a faster response, we suggest you contact the IAC center closest to you. Please, use the menu on your left depending on your location in the world. Something that will help the respective IAC center is if you include the city and country where you live, and mention in your email that you bought the Demystifying OBEs book.

Requesting an Interview

To book an interview with Luis Minero, click here to send us an email. Please, make sure you include all the pertinent information about the media (i.e., contact information, type of media — TV, radio, publication, etc. — dates of interview, and others).
Note: Luis Minero is a volunteer of IAC, and like every other instructor at IAC, he does not charge an appearance fee and he does not receive a salary from IAC. Thus, all the time invested by any IAC individual is on a volunteer basis.

Book comments/feedback

If you have a comment about the book, feel free to send us email here. Also, though great effort goes into trying to review and document accurately all information presented, and all the texts included in the book (from writer and publisher), if you feel there’s a mistake, we would like for you to please help us bringing it to our attention by sending us a comment about it.

Classes in other cities

If you are an individual who would like to participate in the OBE training classes and cannot travel to the cities where IAC offers the CDP — or if you have a group of individuals willing to participate in the CDP — send us an email here (and include your city and country). IAC will study the case and make every effort of organizing activities in that city. Note that the IAC has a limited number of qualified instructor-volunteers.

Other comments

If you have any other issue not classified in any of the above categories, and which you want to refer to the author, feel free to send an email to him here. Note that because of the volume of emails in this category, the response may take some time.

Other useful links:

• IAC world website
• Full technical Glossary of Conscientiological terms.

Discount Coupon for the CDP!

As mentioned in the book, you can get a $25 discount coupon (greater than the purchase price of the book), which you can use on the CDP classes. In order to receive your coupon, send us an email with your full name and the city and country where you live (since classes are offered all over the world) or click here.

Likewise, if you would like to recieve the calendar of activities from the IAC center closest to you, please include in the email your full mailing address.

Welcome aboard, we hope you have happy and productive non-physical travels!